Selezione: inDepthGraphic Collection

Ultra feminine and soft silhouette alternate to more structured and masculine designs in the new Gaiofatto Autumn/Winter collection. Precious and tech textiles are printed with plain colors, in a deep exploration of grey and black nuances, interrupted by white and violet flashes. The fil rouge of the collection is the study of the fold, inspired by the origami art, involving all the garments: from linear and flat folds, up to real structures as in the collars of shirts and jackets, and ending on pure ornaments as in the dresses and the lounguette. The final outcome is the result of a deconstruction across a synthesizing work, from where the clean, extremely contemporary and essential aesthetics is born. As always, great attention is reserved to details, like the handmade 'X' embroidered with a silk yarn, in order to remember the couture background of each garment and to create an iconic sign that would define the identity of Gaiofatto.