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A | MENO fashion show at Altaroma

A | MENO the fall winter 22-23 Gaiofatto's collection show in preview at Altaroma, a physical and digital event from Studio 5 in Cinecittà.

The title of the A | Meno collection is a statement of the brand's aesthetic research of the essential and derives from the italian statement 'Anche Meno' ('Less is fine as well' or 'Please Less') Transformed into the italian word 'Ameno' ('pleasant' in english). It comes from a state of mind of the designer, overwhelmed by the numerous visual undesired input and even unwanted and unsolicited information to which we are constantly exposed and from a subsequent search for a safe, distant, but also light and fun space that for this reason attracts (another significate of the italian word 'ameno' is something that attracts and something light in the carefree acception).

A play of aesthetic and structural contrasts in the continuous exploration of harmony in a design no-seasons, which sees as a first sustainable act the creative research behind every detail, for timeless beauty. A completely innovative and always renewed approach to fashion based on unchanged values from collection to collection: ethics and sustainability blend in a sophisticated and contemporary aesthetic completed by the whole control of the supply chain, all Italian.

The AI 22 Gaiofatto collection is a search for balance between proportions, shapes and volumes, which has as its absolute value the harmony of the body. Asymmetries, soft lines, sharp cuts and studied curves give materiality to the garments of this collection presented in a combination of colors that combine the timeless natural white, blue and black with the light sage and red in its numerous and vibrant shades.

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